UAS Pro Pilots was established to help drone pilots be successful in business.

UAS Pro Pilots was created by Ken Hanes as a member-based platform to  provide information and video training to help members succeed in the drone business. Although the concept was good, we decided to move away from the member model and provide the content on the site for everyone to enjoy, and hopefully learn from.

Ken is the primary source of the content on the site and the YouTube channel. Ken is a drone pilot, private pilot, career entrepreneur and owns AGL Drone Services located in Colorado. Ken started his business operating under a 333 exemption and has years of experience and expertise to share with others who want to succeed in the drone business.

Ken’s most notable project was working with Cirrus Aircraft, the FAA, and the NTSB using a drone to recover lost pieces of a crashed airplane. He has done work for television, construction, real estate, mining,  wind farms, legal disputes, and much more. He has a long list of satisfied clients and an even long list of successfully completed projects.

Not everyone that starts a drone business will succeed. In fact, the drone business is a very difficult nut to crack for many reasons. Many pilots have realized that the desire, the certification, and the ability to fly a drone is not enough. UAS Pro Pilots was created to help pilots gain an edge in the drone industry and help them be successful. Although our format has changed a little, our mission never will.