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Pricing, Marketing & Getting Work

If you are having trouble pricing your drone services or getting clients, you’re not alone. These are the two biggest pain points that people reach out to us about. There are a lot of components that go into pricing and client aquistion and it often takes years to figure out the recipe for success. Fortunately, we can get you on the fast track. Through video and written presentaions, we provide information you need to understand and implement good pricing, maketing, and sales practices specific to your individual business.

Pricing Your Services

One of the most difficult things for people starting out is pricing your services and for good reason. It’s more complicated than just picking a number or copying your competition. Your price should meet you business goals and you should be able to get your clients to pay you what you’re worth. We provide instruction that includes:

  • Establishing Your Hourly Rate
  • Application Of Your Hourly Rate
  • Selling Your Price
  • Flexibility In Pricing
  • Case Studies

We show you in detail not only how to calculate your hourly rate, but how to apply it and how to sell it to potential clients. The three case studies bring it all into a real environment with a look at actual clients and how the jobs were secured using the information provided in this class.

Marketing Your Services

How do you get people to notice you or to understand the products and services you offer so they want to hire you? Marketing is a big part of getting clients and there’s many options to consider based on your budget, your goals, and your market.

Determining your market is the first thing we look at in this presentation and then address what we consider to be “Essential Marketing Materials”. You need to know what you’re going to offer to your clients, and then how to reach them with those offerings.

Many pilots don’t realize that a well designed website can be one of the biggest marketing tools you have. We present information on developing a website, effective marketing uses for the site, and how to create and effective portfolio to populate the website and show your potential clients your expertise.

Finally we talk about how clients find you through search engine optimization and different advertising avenues. 

Getting Work

Getting work often times goes beyond the marketing efforts that bring clients to you. Many times, you need to go to them to get the work. We show you how to prospect potential clients to maximize your efforts in contacting you potential clients. We talk about opportunities that exist in networking both in person and online. We also provide ideas on how to get in front of the potential clients in person to be able to pitch your services. We finish up with referrals and partnering to expand you reach.