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UAS Professional Pilots is a platform that exists to help drone pilots be successful in their business, by focusing on business. Unlike job sourcing websites, we do not provide leads, jobs to bid, or even the promise of work. We provide tools and information that help drone pilots get their own leads, price their own services, and get their own work. We believe that understanding business, and implementing good business practices is essential to having a successful drone business. We hope to see you on the member side soon!

Preview The Member Area

Understand exactly what you are getting with membership! Our membership preview shows you exactly what’s currently in the member area. The content is only available to members, but the preview will show you the outline of the content you get. New content is added every month.

Benefits Of Membership

There are many benefits to membership which are listed here, and we are continually adding new relevant content all the time. Members who contribute to adding content, get paid for their expertise. See the blog sections for more information.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact us.

Member Logos

Our member logos are in the member area to download and use to promote your membership with a professional drone organization. Logos are available as a circle, square, or banner and all come with, and without the picture of the drone in the center of the “A”. Displaying the member logo establishes additional professional credibility on websites, social media, and even brochures or business cards.

Business Intel Articles

The business intel section is the information backbone of UAS Professional Pilots and is only available to members. The articles are intended to give good and actionable information to help our members in their drone business…and give them a leg up on the competition.

Our articles are not just information. They contain instructions, worksheets, and even videos to help our members with marketing, pricing, social media, search engine optimization, market education, websites, and much more.

We pay our members for their expert contributions that we publish to the “Member Blog” section. 

Member Blog Highlights: 

  1. “How To Price Your Drone Services” includes a video and spreadsheet to help you factor in drone specific variables to establish your pricing.
  2. “Understanding Copyright For Drone Work” includes a 40 minute interview with an intellectual property attorney, talking about copyright as it pertains to drone work.
  3. “How To Prioritize Your Marketing” includes a worksheet that guides you through marketing prioritization.
Member Map

As a member, you can build a map pin to represent yourself on our map. The pin shows your location and gives your name and company name on mouse-over. Clicking on the pin pulls up a window that shows a description of your company, a logo, demo reel, and provides contact information and even a link to your website.

Pro Pilot Blog

The Pro Pilot Blog can be seen by everyone, not just members. The goal of this blog is to promote our members, educate the market, and promote UAS Professional Pilots.

Members can submit a self promotion blog article that we will post on the Pro Pilots Blog. 

We include an introduction and links in the blog post that helps with it’s search engine optimization. The post gives members a marketing piece to point to from their website and social media channels as a featured member of UAS Professional Pilots.

The Recycle Center

The recycle center is a member section where we put articles that members can use as their own on their websites and social media channels. We add new articles every month.

We pay our members for their expert contributions that we publish in the recycle center. 

Member Products

We now only offer our products to our members. In the past, we offered products to the public, and our members got a discount. We decided to discontinue that practice and offer products only to members. Right now, we have safety vests available to purchase but will be adding more soon.

Fantastic organization. I learn a lot from the team. If not for them, my business would not be where it is today.

Don McNaron

Owner, Emerald Coast Drone Services

Great Organization! Shaun and Ken really work hard to promote the UAV industry!

Tony Brown

Owner, Brown Owl Imaging

As a Drone Pilot, I am grateful that UAS Pro Pilots was formed and exists today. This group provides a platform that helps each of us keep abreast of what we need to know in this new industry. Like many others in this industry, we are all fairly new and it’s a pleasure to be able to be a part of a group that lives up to its promise. I think people like myself that take this seriously will love it.

Larry Nicklaus

Owner, Libertad Aerial Designs

UAS Professional Pilots has been incredibly valuable to our start up process. We have had access to tools and information that take years to develop. It has been like a compass during times without direction in regards to operating a drone business. 

Jaron Hinkley

Partner, Barn Owl Drone Services

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