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Unlike job sourcing websites, we do not provide leads, jobs to bid, or even the promise of work. We provide tools and information that help drone pilots get their own leads, price their own services, and get their own work. We believe that understanding business, and implementing good business practices is essential to having a successful drone business. We hope to see you on the member side soon!

Here’s A Detailed Look At What A Lifetime Membership Delivers

Pricing Your Drone Services

One of the most difficult things in the drone business is pricing your services. That’s because it’s more complicated than just picking a number. Your price should meet you business goals and you should be able to get your clients to pay you what you’re worth.

This is a comprehensive series of eight videos (Over 1 1/2 Hours Of Instruction) that address:

  • Establishing Your Hourly Rate
  • Application Of Your Hourly Rate
  • Selling Your Price
  • Flexibility In Pricing
  • Three Separate Case Studies
  • And A Bonus Video

This series shows in detail not only how to calculate your hourly rate, but how to apply it and how to sell it to potential clients. The “Flexibility In Pricing” talks about techniques to adjust your pricing to get the job when needed. The three case studies bring it all into a real environment with a look at actual clients and how the jobs were secured using the information provided in this class.

Pricing your services is a crucial part of the foundation of a drone business and you don’t want to build anything on a weak foundation.

Marketing Your Services

This section explains many different ways to market your business. We talk in detail about the pro, cons, and costs of:

  • Determining Your Market
  • Essential Marketing Materials
  • Building A Website
  • Creating An Effective Portfolio
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Advertising


Getting Work

This section addresses different ways to get drone work with a hands-on approach. This section focuses on:

  • Prospecting Potential Clients
  • Networking
  • Building Client Relationships
  • Social Media Techniques
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Client Education
  • Referral Programs
  • Partnering Up


Business Intel Articles

The business intel section provides information in the form of a members only blog. The articles are intended to give good and actionable information to help our members in their drone business…and give them a leg up on the competition.

Member Logos

Our member logos are in the member area to download and use to promote your membership with a professional drone organization. Logos are available as a circle, square, or banner and all come with, and without the picture of the drone in the center of the “A”. Displaying the member logo establishes additional professional credibility on websites, social media, and even brochures or business cards.

Is Membership Right For You?

Who Benefits From Membership?

Membership benefits drone pilots that are at a sticking point in their business efforts. Pilots that don’t know how to price their services can be stuck. Pilots that don’t know how to properly market their services can be stuck. Pilots that aren’t getting the work they need are definitely stuck. And drone pilots that have never run their own business might be stuck on many levels. Our aim is to get pilots unstuck and moving forward.

Why A Lifetime Membership?

We’ve found that once drone pilots get unstuck in their business, they move forward without the need for further assistance. We know where pilots get stuck and have addressed those areas, but we don’t know how long the pilot needs to thoughouly understand the content that’s presented. We want our members to have unlimited time to watch and re-watch, read and re-read, learn and re-learn. A one time fee buys a lifetime membership and all the time needed to thoroughly understand the content.

Is Membership Worth The Price?

Membership is an investiment in your business that we compare to purchasing a drone for your business. A drone should pay for itself over time and continue to make you money until you replace it with a new one. Our membership should do the same thing but it won’t need to be replaced. If you remain stuck, your drone won’t ever make you money. If the information we provide gets you unstuck, membership should pay for itself in one or two jobs, and then continue to make you money because of what you learned. 

UAS Professional Pilots has been incredibly valuable to our start up process. We have had access to tools and information that take years to develop. It has been like a compass during times without direction in regards to operating a drone business. 

Jaron Hinkley

Partner, Barn Owl Drone Services

As a Drone Pilot, I am grateful that UAS Pro Pilots was formed and exists today. This group provides a platform that helps each of us keep abreast of what we need to know in this new industry. Like many others in this industry, we are all fairly new and it’s a pleasure to be able to be a part of a group that lives up to its promise. I think people like myself that take this seriously will love it.

Larry Nicklaus

Owner, Libertad Aerial Designs

Fantastic organization. I learn a lot from the team. If not for them, my business would not be where it is today.

Don McNaron

Owner, Emerald Coast Drone Services

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