Blogging For Drone Business

Is blogging really going to help get clients? It certainly can if you know how to do it correctly. There are a few things blogging does for your drone business.

First of all, blogging is a great tool to gain SEO (search engine optimization) credit. SEO is one of the best ways to get clients to contact you because the potential client is already searching for drone information. Blogging increases the number of pages on your website which increases the number of opportunities to be found in searches.

Blogging can also help you establish credibility in the market. If you provide information in you posts that educate your audience, you establish yourself as an “expert” on the subject. Remember, not everyone knows what you know when it comes to drones. A post about how to adjust camera settings on the drone, or how to get a waiver, or even how to get certified as a remote pilot may be common knowledge in the industry, but not to people that don’t fly drones.

Blog posts can be created to serve as a portfolio piece. To write about the job you just did for a major construction company, and include some aerial eye candy of your work on the project, is a great way to show people what you do beyond just displaying pictures or video.

Finally, a blog post doesn’t just have to sit one your website collecting dust and SEO credit. Use that blog post to drive traffic back to your website, so people can see what you do. Use your social media accounts to promote the post by providing a link to it. You can even use a blog post as a paid advertisement on social media and drive even more traffic to your site.

When writing a blog post, consider what you want the post to do for you. This is not just an exercise to kill some time. Your posts should have a purpose, which will help you determine what to write about. Ideally, it will be educational, entertaining, and subtly self promoting. It should be something people want to read so it should have appeal to the audience you want to reach. Give away enough without giving away too much, and make sure the post serves it’s purpose. Blogging can be very beneficial, but it takes some practice, and a little planning doesn’t hurt either.

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  • Plant Health
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  • How To Fly A Drone
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