Conferences And Trade Shows

Business Cards

Conferences are a great way to get in front of an audience but sometimes the return on your investment isn’t what you expect as a drone service provider. Conferences and trade shows can be an excellent way to showcase your company, products, and services if it’s the right venue and the right audience. Many companies can point to a trade show as the beginning of their success, but many more can show little for their efforts.

Generally, there is a booth fee associated with participation and you have to create and produce materials to make your booth look good. Banners, posters, and promotional items are all standard at these shows and tend to cost some money. In short, there is usually some sort of investment you make to attend a show as a vendor and the results are not guaranteed. Do your homework if you want to participate in a conference or trade show. Know what other vendors will be there and what kind of audience to expect. Figure out what it’s going to cost and compare it to how much business you think it will bring. You may find that your money will work harder for you somewhere else or you may find that it’s a great fit for your needs.