How To Get High Paying Clients

Everyone wants high paying jobs, but it can be difficult to land those clients for many reasons. An expertise in certain areas will sometimes be a factor in getting more money for a job. Someone that can do actual survey work with a drone because they are a licensed surveyor will get more money than someone that just has a drone but can’t produce survey grade data. Sometimes, more expensive equipment will command a higher price because of the superior product it can deliver. A high-end commercial drone carrying a LIDAR system may produce work that will be far more expensive to the client than a less expensive drone producing a photogrammetry product. But how do you get the high paying clients without investing tons of money or having an expertise in a certain area?

To get high paying clients, start looking at your market in a different way. A high paying client can give you many jobs over time, and not just one or two big paying jobs. A client that provides a few standard jobs each year is not a high paying client and isn’t the foundation to build your business on, if you want to make real money. They are the clients that you will do work for when they call, but not the ones you focus on. The clients you want to focus on are the ones that have money, are willing to spend it with you, and have enough work to keep you busy consistently. That’s a high paying client even if the jobs aren’t high paying.

Many drone pilots start in the real estate market and quickly find out that the many real estate agents aren’t high paying clients. They put time and money into marketing to agents just to find out they aren’t making the money the wanted to. A better approach is to target a real estate firm that has many agents. If you can win the business of the agency, then you may have access to all their agents. That might be a high paying client and a good monetary foundation for your business.

Construction is another market where a drone pilot could find a high paying client. A single construction company might have many jobs going simultaneously. They may also want all those jobs visited by a drone multiple times per month or year. Multiple jobs multiplied by multiple site visits equals a high paying client. It wouldn’t take many of those clients to make a successful small drone business.

Real estate and construction are just two examples. There are many markets out there where high paying clients that don’t have high paying jobs can be found. The first step in getting high paying clients is to identify them. Know what volume of work to anticipate from them. Too many drone pilots assume that because a real estate agent has a multi-million dollar listing, that they will spend a ton of money on drone services on a consistent basis. Research your prospective clients to find out about them so you can determine if they are a high paying client. Once you find your target, go after them, and don’t stop until you get them. Getting that high paying client usually isn’t a one and done marketing effort. It may be a process to win their business so don’t think that it’s over if they don’t say yes on the first attempt. Look at it as building a relationship with that company. Relationships aren’t built on a single visit or conversation. Find ways to build that relationship to get that clients business.

That’s the way to get high paying clients.

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