How to Prioritize Your Marketing

Have you ever actually prioritized your marketing efforts? It may sound strange, but there are a lot of options out there when it comes to marketing your drone business and it can be confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. When you break it down, and ask the right questions, you can easily see what avenues will reach your potential clients while still staying on budget. We’ve provided a tool to help you get started, or even spot check your existing efforts. Download the Questionnaire, and follow the instructions provided here and your marketing path should become clear. 

This worksheet is provide to help prioritize your marketing efforts based on effectiveness and budget requirements. Follow these steps in order.

1) Consider each marketing item separately and assign it a value based on this single question: “Is this marketing avenue effective in reaching my target market.” Work from the top to the bottom and consider each option carefully. Do not consider what it costs, or the logistics for getting it done, or anything else. Just ask the question and answer it with:

  • No
  • Maybe
  • Yes
  • Very
  • Absolutely

2) Use the next column entitled “Done” to go through the list and check which items are already completed. If you already have business cards, check the done box. If you already have a website or SEO, or anything else that still needs more work, leave the box unchecked.

3) Use the last column to assign a priority to each item.  Priority is based on if it reaches your target market, and how much it costs vs. the budget you are working with. 4 is the lowest priority and 1 is the highest. If something “Absolutely” reaches your target market and is free, or within your budget, it should be a number 1 priority. If it reaches your market but is not affordable, mark it’s priority accordingly based on when, or if, money will be dedicated to it. For example, TV advertising might reach your market but because of the cost, it’s not feasible right now. That can be marked as a 4 priority, or a 3 if it’s something you might do when you have the money.

4) Once the entire sheet is filled out, go down the priority columns and review the rankings. It should be very easy to create a marketing to-do list and stay on track with your goals. If an item is not shown on the list, simply add it, assess it, and prioritize it. Here is a link to a PDF of this worksheet: CLICK HERE