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Networking is a great way to reach potential clients but it’s usually a slow burn. We talk about social media as a networking opportunity in other articles but right now we’re addressing networking in person.

You can start by networking with the people you already know. They need to know that you’re in the drone business and even a little about what you provide and the markets you serve. We’re not suggesting hustling your friends for business but rather giving them a little information on what you do. Each of your friends or acquaintances knows a lot of people from a lot of different business industries. If they know what you do, they can refer people they know when there is a need. This doesn’t have to be a big push or a huge campaign. It can be as simple as working it into a conversation at a party or sending out an email to your contacts to announce your new venture. Don’t hard sell anything, this is purely informational for the people you know.  

Networking groups are definitely old school but are still around for a reason. Surprisingly, not everyone is familiar with networking groups. The concept is that business people get together at regularly scheduled events to “network” with each other. Different groups focus on different things and have different rules. The secret is to find the group that’s right for you.

Ultimately a networking group gives you the opportunity to get to know other business people in your area and let them know about what you do. The members of the group have a lot of reach into different areas of your business community and tend to recommend and refer people to members of the group. If you’re going to join a networking group or a few, do your research to figure out what group or groups are right for you.

You need to be active in the group. Showing up once or every third meeting won’t produce the results you want. You need to participate on a regular basis so keep that in mind when you find a group that meets every Wednesday morning for a breakfast meeting. Know the commitment to the group before getting into it.

If you find the right group and participate on a regular basis, chances are, you’ll make some great business connections and land some new clients.