Partner Up

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When it’s possible, partnering with another company can be a great way to get work. If you can work with a company to service its clients, it can be a big win.

A marketing agency might have many clients that could use drone footage for their website, social media, and advertising needs. A home inspection company might have clients that would benefit from an aerial inspection of their roof. Depending on the market(s) you service, there may be an existing company or companies with existing clients that you could partner with.

The key is finding businesses that have clients that could benefit from drone services but don’t offer them yet. In addition, you want to target companies that don’t want to incorporate drone services into an in-house operation.

A marketing company is focused on marketing and not all their clients have a need for drone work. However, some do. This is a company that may want access to drone services but probably won’t go in-house with it because the demand wouldn’t justify it. A roofing contractor could use drone services on just about every job they do and may simply add it to their list of services and do it in-house.

Consider the company, its clients, and your potential in their organization when considering partner companies.