Real Estate Tips And Tricks

If you are planning on using your drone in the real estate market, some tips and tricks may be helpful. There are many drone pilots out there that are crushing it in the real estate space. However, there are even more that struggle to be successful, or fail completely. Real estate is a highly competitive drone market. One of the big reasons is because it’s the easiest market to get into based on the products that are required. Photos and video dominate in real estate, and today’s drones do a great job producing both.

While the quality of the photos and video varies greatly from pilot to pilot, the price is the driving factor for many real estate agents. So often times, when the price is right, so is the drone service provider…despite certification, insurance, or quality of the product. Because of these challenges, many drone pilots get frustrated with real estate and may hit a wall they can’t move beyond.

The video we’ve provided here gives some tips and tricks on successful ways to price, and sell real estate services. This video was originally recorded as a webinar called “How I Get Real Estate Agents To Use My Drone Services”.  In the video, Ken covers four problems areas and gives his take on how to overcome the problems. The four problem areas are:

  1. I’m not getting any calls.
  2. I’m getting calls but I’m not getting any jobs.
  3. I’m not getting any repeat work.
  4. I simply need to get more work.

In the video, Ken shows you how to overcome each of these problems using a method he developed and successfully used in his own drone business. We hope the information that is presented will give immediate solutions, and spark new ideas on how to crack the real estate code for you.