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Should You Publish Your Pricing

Publishing your pricing on a website or social media channel is something you should really think about to determine if it’s a benefit or a detriment. Many people don’t think through it in terms of what it does, and what you want it to do. Before publishing anything for public consumption, ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish by doing so.

Most likely, your drone websites exist as a way to get customers. Potential clients review your website like they would a resume. If they like what they see, they may contact you through email, text, or a phone call. So the information they review should entice them to contact you, not discourage them. Publishing your pricing may actually discourage them. A potential client might make a judgment about the quality of your work based on your prices. They might decide they can’t afford you without even telling you what’s involved with their job. In short, they may not contact you because of the pricing you published. If they were reviewing your resume for a first impression, would you want to tell them your salary requirements before they called you for an interview?

On the other side of the coin, it may make sense to publish your pricing. If you are inundated with work and don’t want to take time to answer the phone to give a quote, publishing your pricing can be a tool to weed out potential clients that will hit you with a price beat down when they call and want to hire you. If you are looking for clients that are driven by price alone, perhaps you will experience a higher call volume if you’re the cheapest drone pilot in town.

Whatever your business model, think hard about publishing your pricing and make sure your decision is in line with your goals. Too many pilots don’t think about it and are disappointed later when they find out that it wasn’t a good solution for what they wanted to accomplish.