Social Media

Business Cards

We talked about using social media for a paid advertising option but social media can also be used to bring attention to you, your business, and your work. Changing your job on your social media profile lets people know what you do but posting about it brings even more attention to it.

Many times, a social media channel gives you the opportunity to have a personal account and a business presence. You can use both to network and bring attention to you and your company. Social media is noisy and it’s hard to be easily seen so you need to work at it. Like everything else, it’s not a one-and-done.

You should follow people and companies that you want to work with or like posts and comment on things when appropriate. And of course, you always want to show off. Social media is free and relatively easy to use. It’s a great opportunity to get people’s attention.

Unlike your website, the content doesn’t necessarily have to be specific to your market. A great sunrise shot from your drone tends to get attention even if it doesn’t speak to your target market. Wave your hands, shout, and let people know you’re out there on social media. But remember, it’s a pretty soft approach to getting business so commit an appropriate amount of time knowing what it will actually produce.