Speaking Engagements

Speaking to a group of people can be intimidating but it can also be very beneficial to moving your business forward and getting work. There are many opportunities to speak to groups of people that might have an interest in drone technology and your services. First, let’s look at the least intimidating and most beneficial prospective clients.

Lunch and Learn

If you’ve been prospecting companies to work with, they can be a great audience to speak to about drones. If you’ve been going door-to-door or have even contacted some of the prospective clients in another way, then the time might be right to suggest a presentation. Most companies won’t just gather their employees together while they’re on the clock to hear your sales pitch. However, a lunch and learn session has a lot of appeal especially if you’re providing lunch.

This is a win-win for you and the company if you can get them to agree to it. You provide lunch and a presentation about drone technology to educate their employees. They provide the conference room and the employees. Lunch doesn’t need to be extravagant or overly expensive so don’t break the bank.

The presentation should be educational and if possible speak to how drones could benefit their specific business. This is an opportunity to sell your services but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to build a relationship. Keep that in mind when determining how much of a sales pitch you’re putting in your presentation.

Public Speaking

People love learning about drones, and presenting about drones is not only a great way to educate your market on the benefits of drones, but it’s also a good opportunity to promote yourself and your services. There are plenty of other opportunities to speak to groups of people but you want to find the right audience.

Speaking to students at a high school is a great community service and a great way to promote your companies community involvement but it’s not the best venue to reach potential clients. Speaking at a networking event, a conference or something similar will be a better way to reach the people you want to work with. If you do some research, you’ll probably find opportunities within your target market to offer your public speaking services.

There are always events that gather certain industries together to present products and information. If you can find events that target the people you want to talk to, it’s a great place to speak to a large number of people that may be interested in what you have to offer.

A presentation about drones is relatively easy. Showing photos and videos can be the aerial eye candy that makes them sit up and pay attention. Impressing them with inspection capabilities, mapping solutions, and agricultural examples may talk to their business side. Different examples will resonate with different audiences. But when they see what’s possible as it relates to them, they get excited. So excited in fact that they might just start thinking about getting a drone and doing the work themselves.

Now is the time to tell them the details they don’t want to hear but need to know. Drones crash, liability exists, certifications are required, insurance is a must, airspace is complicated, local rules apply, and the list goes on. The information you provide should be accurate and comprehensive. By nature, this information is daunting and overwhelming to most drone neophytes, which makes hiring a professional drone pilot look pretty good. 

This is one approach to take when doing public speaking or presenting on drones. It’s not the only approach. Different audiences have different requirements. But if you get the opportunity to speak to a group of people, take advantage of it by thinking through your presentation in terms of what the audience wants, and what you want to get out of it. If you pursue speaking, or presentations to specific groups as a way to promote your business, give your audience information that’s important to them but do it in a way that helps you get business.

A good presentation will educate and entertain. But it will also benefit you, as much as the people you presented to…or at least that’s the goal.

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