UAS Pro Pilots Changes Everything

We didn’t change a few things, we changed everything…and we hope it will change things for you.

Yes, we’ve been around for a while, but now it feels like we’re brand new. We’ve had our ear to the ground since we started, and have adjusted our member model based on what we heard. We hope you like what we’ve done to provide even more value to our members.

Membership Price

One price buys a membership for life. No annual or monthly fees. Everything in the member area is included, plus monthly updates with new content and information to help you in your drone business.

Member Area Redesigned

We’ve made the member area simple and clean, so it’s easy to use the member logos, and see all the member benefits.

The Member Blog

The member blog area makes it easy to sort and find the information that is important to you. The articles in the member blog are more comprehensive than ever, with videos, graphics, and downloads to accompany the information presented.

Your Blog

We’ve added a new section called “Your Blog”. Members can use the articles (or ideas) in this section as their own blog material. New articles are added each month so members can have new material to add to their blogs and social media.

Member Contributions

We invite our members to contribute their expertise, and get paid for each article we publish.

The Member Shop

We now only sell to our members and some new and exciting products are coming soon.

Cost for membership will increase soon – As we pay our members for their contributions, and increase our number of members, our costs will continue to go up. As a result, the cost of membership will increase as well, so we encourage anyone interested in membership to join sooner than later.

We are excited about all the changes we’ve made, but even more excited about the value we’re bringing to our members. We sincerely want to help our members succeed, and we think our new changes will be even more effective in doing that.

We hope to see you on the member side soon!